Art and Tokyo at Casino san remo : Friday vibes


Last week I discovered a new place in town and I wanted to write about that on the blog so bad! Instead of writing for you guys, I am studying my ass off. I am reading about Feminism and watching movies from the 40’s, Hopefully It will help me become a unique artist one day. So let me tell you about CASINO SAN RAMO, and show in pictures (of course) about my Lovely Friday Lunch Date I had with my boyfriend.

So we wanted to have a romantic lunch together, he is one of the best bartenders in town who loves good food and nice people (they don’t have to be beautiful people, if they are nice they will become pretty). So I checked my Facebook, clicked on the events page and saw this cute exhibition of Yaniv Fogel an Israeli business man who lives in Tokyo and draw paintings about the everyday Japanese culture.

The exhibition called “Tokyo and Me”.

After seeing this event I got kind of curious to see the art of a man who’s being exposed to a new folklore, language, and a new whole world.

Before I started film school in 2015 I was a world traveler (or that what I used to think), and that’s why I could see myself enjoying it. So I decided it’s time to absorb some fresh culture, took a shower, got dressed, and got there! Nechama Street at JAFFA.

I decided to give scores for the places I am going to write about just to give you an indication about what to expect.

The food was mmm…

So really good I can give it a 7½. I love places that I can eat with my eyes too; it was not expensive and satisfying.

The drinks are , I only got one drink (strange, usually I drink more).

I don’t even know which one it was because I let my private bartender to choose them for me. It was not something unusual but the price is very nice. 25 shekels for a cocktail it’s pretty cheap in the Telavivian life. Next time I’m probably going to drink more – so the score will improve.

The vibes score is 9½ !  the exhibition was so cute, the artist was very nice and talkative.

His daughter is a little model with the dog that set on the bar.

The DJ was playing underground music and everything was blending good together.

I hope you enjoyed the post,

I hope you will go to casino san ramo.

And if you do, write me about it.

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