JAFFA TIME : Travling & Dining at AKBAR

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Hi! I’m back! 

I know you missed me because I missed you too. After long time of not being able to write to my blog I am back, because I understood again that blogging is my dream.

A dream that I think I have not made come true yet. That is the reason why I am going to be more active in my blog so I will make this baby to rise.


So…… let me tell you about my day!

It started again at my lovely apartment, I woke up with the love of my life and I asked him what does he wants to do today, he answered that he wants to go to Jaffa, to the flea market with our new dog – narkos!

 We just adopted this baby from the kennel at Tel Aviv by the port, he is more likely to be a pitbull and he is a bit crazy, loves to play and run. We are still new to each other and learning to love and get to know him better.

Guy, the love of my life decided to take us to a nice lunch at AKBAR Jaffe. It was my first time but he already knew they going to have what we need. A nice lunch and good beer! I love drinking beer at noon time it always makes me feel like I’m in my vocation mood!

He loves to drink Blue Moon, I used to drink a lot of this beer back when I used to live in the states. Guy told me that they are making the beer with an orange inside, and that’s why the beer is being served with a slice of orange inside.



We are usually more into cocktails, because of the new business we are having together. SHAKEN – cocktails that are being served in a bottle, we are traveling a lot with the business. Yesterday we drove to Haifa to bring 60 cocktails to our happy clients! But we also know to appreciate good beer when we drink one!

If you want to know more about our company you can click here to check it out – http://shaken.co.il/.

You know sometimes life is pretty shitty but then I think about it again and I bless god for everything I got, every single little thing. I am thankful for my life, For my love, For my dog.


It’s the time of the jewish new year and its time to be united and loving. I am choosing to be happy, today, and everyday this year.

Oh! And I almost forgot….. the food was so GOOD!

,Happy new year guys, I hope you loved it




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