Spa Time in Urban Brown Tel Aviv: Bye Bye Summer

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After working so much behind the bar and in front of the computer I think I deserve to get spoiled sometimes. I want to tell you about an amazing boutique hotel and the treatment I got from their spa. First of all – the best thing to start the day with is a fresh orange juice, a smile, and a good mood….

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I work a lot because lately, I had some financial problems, some personal issues and more of the same. Working makes me forget about the bad things and the best part is creation – I create every day, art is a therapy everybody should use. Photographing become my thing about 3 months ago, and I can tell you that it definitely changed my life. I understood that I can do anything I desire – I even started to paint, the thing that never was a part of my zone.

After the Jewish new year I decided to make a change in my life, never let myself be in the place I don’t like. As part of my job as a blogger and an artist, I need to let myself be me wherever I go. Brown hotel is one of the most popular boutique hotels in Israel, and being there – just proved me I am right. I need to listen to my soul more.

The massage treatment was very nice, the spa rooms are very warm and calm, it makes you want to close your eyes and dream about what you want to become. They brought us to the room with sexy music and gave us a 50 min massage. Then we went to the roof that was waiting only for us.

Living in Tel Aviv is an addiction, Only here I can finally be myself. The massage I got was very good, but the best part of the deal and the hotel is the super sexy roof that is designed by the luxuries urban lifestyle. You should see this.

The roof was amazing, we were alone. A nice hot tub and unlimited alcoholic cider for as much as we want. We stayed there for till the evening and then we went dining as usual.   


I highly recommend staying in brown hotel if you stay in Tel Aviv, and if you live in Tel Aviv you should definitely come to a spa treatment before the summer is officially gone…..

Enjoy life, Enjoy urban, Enjoy brown.

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