The Black Moscow : A New Perspective on the White City

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Well, after I got back home I can start to remember how fun it was in this cold and decorated country, Russia.

I did not really want to fly to a cold country but I was convinced by my sister, she really wanted to see St. Petersburg. We started the trip with family for three days in Moscow, then a small trip to St. Petersburg and back to Moscow for a flight to Israel. I wanted to fly to Portugal, Spain or even Thailand. (Probably these will be my next blog destinations.)

In the first night round in the Russian capital, the cold paralyzed me and I could not move. Even at the level of taking my hand out of my pocket and take pictures, The next day I got used to the cold and walked ten kilometers to the Moscow Aquarium where I met dolphins, sea turtles, whales, crocodiles and beautiful fish.

The sun sets very early and in general, the sun is not so close to this area of the earth so most of the day was cloudy and pretty dark. This Nobby God (Russian New Year’s)  atmosphere really does something that warms the heart from the inside, when it’s so cold outside.

Moscow is on the European side of Russia and is the largest city in Europe, it is a home to some of the world’s wealthiest people. Moscow also considered to one of the most expensive cities in the world. The most interesting attraction in Moscow is Red Square and the Kremlin and other historical sites of the city. Moscow is a city for cultural enthusiasts, with more than a hundred museums and has a growth in the culinary field.


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