The Journey to St. Petersburg : European Russia.

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The Journey to St. Petersburg

After a short stay in Moscow in the cold and white atmosphere we decided to travel to St. Petersburg by train. Yes, that kind of train. It was a not so pleasant experience but an experience I won’t forget, I never slept on the train before. Getting to the city was very easy and I like that a lot. the price of a train ticket from Moscow to St. Petersburg costs around 1200 rubles which is about 20 dollars, so it pays off.

The city changed its name several times. It was founded by Czar Piotr as “the window to Europe” and served as the capital from 1712 until the October Revolution. The city changed to Leningrad in 1924 by Lenin himself and after the dissolution of the Soviet Union the city returned to its original name after a referendum. The Russians call the city “Peter” as a shortcut.

Where did I sleep?

Peter is an amazing city and the main street Nevesky Prospect is the Champs Elysées of St. Petersburg. We stayed at the Hotel Agni – right on the main street, clean, quiet and really cozy. The city is bustling and full of life, full of tourists who travel even when the degrees are below zero.

Where did I eat?

Food in Russia is good, but there is no comparison to Israeli cuisine. The culinary stronghold is developing in Russia, but they still have much more to do. I ate in a few places in Peter and it wasn’t bad I’m just spoiled and when I’m on vacation I like to eat at the highest level there is. The restaurant Tarrasa was the best restaurant and in Chuvorom I ate a great chiburk.

Where did I travel?

There is something magical about this city that makes the imagination work overtime, the Russian old culture, the prestige of the Czars, the art and the statues that accompany the city wherever you look. If the Nevsky Perspective is the Champs Elysees of Peter then the Hermitage is completely The Louvre. The Hermitage is considered one of the largest museums in the world. First of all, everything is gold, everything is decorated. The building is now a museum but in the days of the past the building served as the home of the Czars, the places where they hosted their people and distinguished guests from all over the world who came to meet with the Czars.

The Hermitage contains works by artists from all over Russia and its surroundings, prehistoric art, and jewelry collections. The amount of works of art is unimaginable at all – over 3 million works. The Hermitage, where over 2.5 million visitors visit each year, includes several hundred rooms where the works are displayed. The museum contains works by Rembrandt, Picasso, Matisse and Van Gogh, and many other artists I have never heard of. The museum contains various rooms, including various subjects, French art, Italian art and the last thing you must see when you will be in this museum the Egyptian art department – I even saw a real mummy.

Admission ticket to the museum to not Russian citizens is 800 rubles, a little over ten dollars.

You have to go there!

Where did I shop?

The truth is that I did so much shopping before I flew to Russia, so that I would not be cold there. So I did not really buy too many things there, but what I did buy was a few toiletries from this store I remember from my trip to Amsterdam. An organic cosmetics store called LUSH. The smell in the shop just drives me crazy, its design makes me want to spend all my money there and I’m sure you’ll like it too.

What was the best thing?

The best thing was to be with my family of course. I have a lot of family in Russia and there was a lot of laughter and fun, but the other good thing was the butterfly shop in Peter.

In one of the malls called “Gallery” there is a shop where exotic butterflies grow from Indonesia and Thailand. The butterflies are stunningly beautiful, their symmetry mesmerizing, and I also learned something new – butterflies do not really live a day. The butterflies I met in the store live for about two or three weeks and they also really like orange.

In conclusion, if you have the opportunity to fly to Russia, you should not miss a chance to visit St. Petersburg. This summer the World Cup will be in Russia, including Peter. In the summer there are the white nights of the city, 20 hours of daylight, for the photographers among us … it’s a dream.

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