Do it with Passion: Why I started to create

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I want to update you on the recent event in my life – because I have not written on my blog lately and it’s time to come back. I feel like I miss some passion in my life and my personality is mainly characterized by passion!

I feel like I’m losing it, I feel that everything is empty and cheap and there is a big cloud of confusion that goes with me wherever I go. I have not been working for three months actually; I decided to leave the nightlife and start to wake up every morning at 7 am, to feel the day. But I do not have the day and I’m in a loop of uncertainty. It’s probably because I’m going through separation, family crises and a lot of pressure that puts me in more pressure.

But what is the solution of all this?

The consciousness of abundance!

I want you guys to meet Kessem Bar Malka – she was born in Tel Aviv, grew up in Kfar Saba and at the age of 17 decided to leave everything and go to Tel Aviv to find herself.

We met about two months ago, she is my neighbor and lives a floor under me and something in her personality attracted me to find out more about her.

Kessem and I decided that every day we will live for the foolest – whether it is to get dressed with style every day, create more, go to the beach more and work for the summer in the gym…

Soon we will begin uploading videos to my new video blog and we will expose our daily lives and update you on what we wearing and creating that day.

 You are invited to join us, we will prepare bags, jewelry, hangers for plants, hanging shelves, and dream traps …..

I hope you are ready for it! But I’d like to know

What is interest you to create?

which style do you connect more?

Romantic Or ethnic?

Waiting to hear you,

Ilana – The girl from Tel Aviv

  1. Yaron says

    Sorry for the hard time you going through.
    I’m sure you will have a lot of success in your new path with you new friend.

    Your Instagram fan.

    1. ilanamatatov says

      thank you so much yaron! :)))

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