Lola Marsh: An Israeli indie Band who’ll make you fall in love

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There is nothing more fun than seeing Yael Shoshana Cohen, or maybe there is something

To hear her. To Hear them. To hear Lola Marsh.

Lola Marsh 2018 by Ilana Matatov
Lola Marsh 2018 by Ilana Matatov

Lola Marsh is the most interesting ensemble in the Israeli landscape. The music they create is simply good, you see that it is made from the heart and with lots of love, lots of love for the audience, love for music, for the genre and their art comes out of the heart. Beyond my great love for the music of Lola Marsh I also meet Yael walking around in the Yemenite vineyard (Kerem Hateymanim) and take some pictures of her while she throws smiles at my lens.

Yael Shoshana Coen 2018

Last week, Lola Marsh came to Sarona Market after a few appearances abroad. The band is playing abroad a lot; festivals, cafes, bars and lots more. I think the band does not sell enough in Israel as it sells abroad. Most of the public opinion is no longer able to appreciate good music anyway.

Lola Marsh 2018 by Ilana Matatov
Lola Marsh 2018 by Ilana Matatov

Sarona Market was one of my first places of work in Tel Aviv. When I arrived in Tel Aviv from Migdal Ha’Emek I did not really understand where I wanted to live and work so I got to the market, when it was just opened. After half a year I left the place because the smell of the food, the number of people on the weekends and many other things made it not attractive to me. But my moments and memories of that place, the people I knew there, it is my development, of llana.

I came back to Sarona market, after two years. I came back to see Lola Marsh. It was an amazing performance, there was a lot of emotion. It was not the place, not the time, it did not matter. What changed was the emotion in this performance. The band felt the audience and the audience felt the band. The band returned to Israel and Yael said several times how much fun it was to be in Tel Aviv again, at home. In addition to everything, there was a special performance that the band prepared in case the performance was really good.

Lola Marsh 2018

I was right near the stage and I saw everything from the most attractive place, because I know people from the time I worked there and also because my personality – somehow I always get up. I dream of seeing the band at a festival abroad, but by the time I finish my degree I may continue to bump into Yael in the neighborhood …

lola marsh 2018

Hope you enjoyed the post, did you hear about Lola Marsh? If so, are you in love like me?

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