Feeling Pain: The month of awareness of endometriosis

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March is the month of awareness of endometriosis. This disease has a very long and tedious name, so we will call it by its well-known name Endo. Endo is a transparent disease and leads to a terrible feeling of pain and lead to a low functional state.

The month of March is also the month that marks the day of the woman, and it is associated with the fact that endo is a female disease, which affects one out of ten women. A very good friend of mine suffers from the disease and decided to take part in the blessed initiative to promote awareness of the disease in Israel, to develop research on it and find a solution.

Endo is a chronic disease that attacks the patient with paralyzing pain and relieves slight relief from attack to attack. The disease has not yet been properly resolved. there is no concern about putting the funding on research into an appropriate medication. The patients receive narcotic painkillers that provide a solution only for pain relief and not for the solution of the disease.

Hadar, my wonderful friend decided to produce a photo shoot for the month of the awareness. Inbar Ben Abu the talented makeup artist decided to put Purim aside and volunteer on the day of filming, made all the girls feel comfortable with themselves and knew how to listen to their requests and make them feel the most beautiful.

Lital Tal, a photography student at the Technion, came to photograph the girls in the most professional way possible. The photographic technique, lighting angles and especially Lital’s good eye managed to produce wonderful images that freeze a magical moment. Daniel Ivgi, a hair designer from Herzliya, made sure that the girls’ hair was in a way that most complimented them and all the cooperation together made the day exciting, loving, and especially powerful.


Women bring strengths that they themselves do not know they can bring. Hadar copes with the disease in the strongest way I’ve ever seen in my life. She’s ambitious, maternal, taking care of the house, doing everything she can while she is in the pauses of pain, and when I see her from the side I adore her.

Hadar, was also my boss in the past and in general she serves as one of my closest friends and one of the smart people I knew. Anything we can do to promote awareness and promote research will be welcome and we will make it fun too.


Thanks for reading,

The girl from Tel Aviv. 

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