Meeting new people in town: Eli Shiri the photographer

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Meeting talented people is why I moved to Tel Aviv. Seeing those who have a passion for something, they choose to get up in the morning and not waste a moment in order to reach their dream. I like meeting those people because I see them as my personal reflection. Sometimes I tell myself how pathetic it is to dream but then I remember that if I do not have a dream to aspire to, then I am not me.

I decided to initiate a meeting with photographer Eli Shiri. I’ve been following him on Instagram for a long time. Our relationship is based on the likes of one another, like most of today’s relationships. We have become delusional human beings who no longer speak as they used to. But I did not give up to Eli, I wanted to see the person behind the pictures.

Eli’s photos are full of emotion, he loves the street and he loves colorful figures. The photographs are characterized by very precise field depth, the object is placed exactly in the perfect way and most of his pictures tell a real story.


We met on a Friday eve two weeks ago, on the beach, his favorite place to hang out and take photos and then we continued into the Yemenite vineyard. I told him that I liked being photographed close to doors, the doors in the neighborhood tell a story. The doors are colorful, old and different. They symbolize to me the opening of opportunities in the city, the opportunity to grow and just open doors and opportunities for personal development.

We talked about art, exhibitions he introduced and going to present in the future, we talked about the fear of missing out on our generation in a very substantial way. He told me it’s called FOMO. I keep feeling that I’m not doing anything.  I’m racing against time and against myself. The photography itself helps me to freeze the moment and feel present.

What are you afraid to miss? When do you finally feel present?

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The girl from Tel Aviv.

All pictures are taken by Eli Shiri

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