20 colorful photos from the Tel Avivian gay parade 2018

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The pride parade celebrates twenty years in Tel Aviv while I celebrate it for the second time only. I never thought I would connect to this kind of event – crowded, in the middle of the Mediterranean heat and full of funny costumes. Last year it was my first parade. I remember going out looking for a girlfriend and because there was no reception in a place with so many people, it was just me and the camera. The camera was a new thing to me so I didn’t know anything about taking pictures so I let myself learn through trial and error.

It has been a year, a year that me and the camera are in an ongoing novel. The camera taught me how to see, I feel as if my head also has a small camera inside. Sometimes I play with it.  I play with the focus, with the depth of the field, with the light.

I waited so long to do what I did last year. To document the Tel Avivian Gay Parade.

I am happy that I am part of such a receiving country, such a welcoming city, let’s love everything and everyone.


Let’s just accept a real acceptance.

have you ever been in a gay parade before? what do you think about it?

tell me about it in the comments!

The girl from Tel Aviv 


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