Sunny Days at Herzel 16 – The new Ruthchild 12

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In the hot August days of Tel Aviv, there is not much left to do but sit in the air conditioner and get some home satisfaction. But in the evening’s friends, you’ll be sure there’s much to do… So let me tell you about my experience of Herzl 16, which is the former Rothschild 12. Yes, I know you wondered what happened to Rothschild 12 and how he was extinct from the world but he just changed the address to our joy.

Herzl 16 is actually a compound containing two food houses and an office building. The restaurant is located in the middle of the building. The building reminds me of another period, perhaps because of the elevator that does not work. However, the Herzl is very accurately designed. Something in the design gives a feeling of “we invested, but we left it simple.” Just what you like today in the whole world of design, the trend of simplicity is everywhere. There are many exposed stone walls, concrete, leather armchairs, gentle lighting and excellent acoustics.


The music in the place is always good. Every time I have been there, the music always accompanied the food. The vision is to preserve the atmosphere of Rothschild 12, the performances, the DJs and everything corresponds with everything, harmony.

I really like to have a close interaction with the team. I laugh with the hostess when I ask her to seat me in the most appropriate place (usually you have to wait, so if you want to get to Herzl, you should order a place.) The waiters are always dressed in style (I love when the waiters do not have a uniform, so I can see their personality).

The Drinks are amazing, there is a very wide variety of cocktails and the beers are unconventional making the experience a bit more challenging than drinking again Goldstar or Maccabi. The whole experience is recommended, from the design, the food, the music and the service.

Go to Herzl 16 and tell me how was it, waiting to hear from you in the comments.

With Love, Ilana.

The Girl From Tel Aviv.

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