Happy Hour Mexican Style – La Otra Cocktail Bar

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Last Wednesday I decided to go out for a drink with my friend. This friend is actually a small sardine (that’s how she calls the whole world so it’s her name now.) I decided to take the sardine to the “La Otra” – Mexican-Caribbean Cocktail Bar and mainly the lover of the Imperial Bar.

Imperial Bar is located inside the Imperial Hotel and it is ranked 17th on the list of the best cocktail bars in the world. The cocktails there are simply breathtaking. I personally love intimate places that not many people know about. So I decided to write to you about my favorite place in town because I’m celebrating three years of experience in the big city.

The Imperial has been around for a number of years and the La Otra is opened for all those who addicted to the imperial but also want to change a bit. So from time to time, I stumble to a great cocktail at a happy hour alongside a Mexican dish full of new flavors.

 I tasted almost all the dishes on the menu, a sour vegetarian taco alongside taco with amazing meat. There is also Escobar’s Empanada, which is filled with long-cooked beef, and the vegans have an option for an Empanada filled with potatoes that come black, yes, black Empanada.

The “La Otra” has entered my list a long time ago – always a great place for dating and deep conversations with friends. Our conversations are just a show, so funny, full of metaphors, funny nicknames for people and just moments of pleasure.

We decided to order our cocktails – I ordered Madam Lilly, a refreshing and fruity cocktail with a strong taste of apples. And the sardine ordered a cocktail called Grow a Pear – pears and white wine and much more (you cannot be disappointed with this cocktail so I recommended it to her.)

The cocktails were excellent, even the waitress was already a friend, who of course did not forget to make us drunker and invited us to shots on the house. The sardine even ordered a great ceviche with pineapples, zucchini, and spicy peppers. I have never eaten a ceviche before, I tasted it and was simply perfect, definitely will try it again.

I hope you can appreciate the experience of ‘La Otra’ as I appreciate and enjoy it. I’m always happy to hear about new places, but I’m the kind of person who gets used to things. If I love something I like to go back to it.


Go to the mistress; go to ‘La Otra’.

And have a good year.

Full of cocktails and happiness,

 Full of happy hours.


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