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Tomorrow, on the 22nd of September will open up the exhibition of the Argentina artist Lucas Chauvet with the corporation of the Israeli photographer Gili Levinson. It will be exhibited in Cuckoo’s Nest in Jaffa.

The preoccupation with sex and contemporary art is something that seems to touch every one of us. The immediate world screws us, the tinder, countless applications and the big FOMO of our lives.


Everything is expressed mainly in sex. We all deal, talk, experience and think about sex. The infinite need that cannot be fulfilled, just like contemporary culture today.


Lucas, an Argentinian artist who came to Israel a decade ago, decided to leave everything in the past, his whole life in Cordoba and came to try and build his life here in Tel Aviv. Lucas first came to Jerusalem where he met a number of strange characters. And one of his highlights is probably the beginning of the work of Menashe Kadishman who is also a distant relative of Lucas family.


Lucas’s story brings us the look of his work, contemporary, abstract, real, just pour what comes out and put it in our faces. Another artist told me last week that people have no more energy to hear unreal stories. We do not have the patience to do more. We are tired. We are exposed all day to the screens. iPhone, TV and film screens. We want to hear the real shit.

The collaboration between the talented photographer and the Argentine artist brings us an extraordinary exhibition, combining the most perfect sculpture ever made – the human body, with kicking art that does not try to make explanations – Pop Art.

Come to Cuckoo’s Nest in Jaffa- it will be crazy.

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