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Let’s be honest- I’m not a real Tel Avivian. Anyone who knows me knows – I’m far from being a Tel Avivian … I am indeed the girl from Tel Aviv as my pen name, but inside my heart I am a true provincial soul.

Only in this way can I really experience Tel Aviv through the eyes of a crazy tourist.

I grew up in Upper Nazareth and as a teenager. Tel Aviv was a dream for me, the true fulfillment of being what I wanted to be. Even as a teenager, the way I dressed would never fit the atmosphere of the city I lived in. I used to wear big hats, strange shoes, and in general – my vibes never fit, I always felt that I did not belong to where I was. (This is a problem that I am dealing with to this day).

I would sneak out of high school and go to the center of Tel Aviv. Sheinkin Street was the fulfillment of all my peripheral dreams. As someone who had never been part of the crowd, I would have come to Tel Aviv to buy Scottish skirts and lots of accessories. I’ve got a little style since this period, in the post I will talk about the trends that swept all the stores in the snake and dotted I wanna talk about how to do it in a classical way.

Many years have passed since I was a high school student…..


I moved to Tel Aviv and after a few months of acclimatization, I understood that I would never leave Tel Aviv and since then I have grown used to the city. The legendary Sheinkin Street has become a little less glamorous but still much fancier than the rest of the city streets.

As someone who creates content about the city of Tel Aviv, I felt obligated to do something small with the Sheinkin Hotel. A boutique hotel on Brenner Street (a minute from Shenkin), a quiet little street, and the hotel is right between residential buildings.


When I arrived at the hotel, the receptionist received me, who turned out to be an old friend I met at the beginning of my path in Tel Aviv. She poured me a glass of kava and gave me a short tour of the hotel – the coffee corner on the ground floor. The fun roof with the view to the roofs of Tel Aviv and of course how not? My pampering room…

The hotel is designed and equipped with a style that accentuates the local and urban Tel Aviv feeling. It combines painted tiles reminiscent of Tel Aviv of old, together with modern furniture and accessories that bring the warm and light atmosphere of the city into the public spaces and the rooms.


Before I arrived, I bought the soap of SABON, which also began their journey on the legendary Sheinkin Street. I made a pampering foam bath with the indulgent cosmetics of SAB0N. I like their smells.


We had lots of fun with the kava and the bath. now – snake trend – if you had told me a year ago that in a year everyone would wear leopard and snake, I would not believe it. but what? It works. Girls love it. Each store holds several items out of this trend.


Trends are very annoying, especially me. I want to be special, I do not want to wear what everybody wears. But The trends do not skip me. The most important thing about the trend is to understand how to balance the Look.

If you choose to put a snake or tiger then you have to do it gently. Let’s say for example – without too much jewelry, without too much. It’s important to Balance with cool shoes. if you wear something that is too much then at least try to put on shoes that are broadcasting something different and cool.


The Most important thing – you got to know where to buy the items. You can buy a snake and a tiger on Allenby Street, it will not be the same. These textiles have a very cheap atmosphere that I personally cannot give her a hand. Sometimes I sin at shopping on Allenby but still… Zara is way better.


The one who is beyond the Camera is Lielle Sand – a talented photographer and a good friend. We went to film school together, now she is working as a food photographer and she is getting better with everyday. Her eye has something special that make her see different angles than others.


After all the champagne, the bath, and the snake – we went to the huge bed of the most luxurious hotel of Sheinkin Hotel room, their studio. I slept with one of my best friends – Ksenia Neiman (Hair Everywhere). Ksenia is a talented hair designer and my girlfriend from my first year in town.

For breakfast, the hotel offers 4 coffee shops in the area of our choice. It is much more fun to have breakfast at a café than to have breakfast at the hotel itself. We went out to Sheinkin Street and out of the options we chose to go to the Bakers – we had breakfast with brioche and an egg, coffee, and orange juice. There’s nothing like freshly squeezed orange juice in the morning…

Locals definitely know better, thanks to the Sheinkin Hotel for the wonderful hospitality.

Hope you will know to recommend to your friends when they come to Tel Aviv where is best to stay.



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**Speical photo credit for Lielle Sand**

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