FAILE ART – Solo Exhibition at Gordon Gallery

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Last Thursday I went out with Dor, who is a good friend from the days of film studies and a hysterical fashionista. We were together at the opening of Patrick & Patrick exhibition AKA FAILE.

My acquaintance with FAILE began with the beginning of the work at Mika Gallery, I saw their works in one of the folders of past artists in the gallery and I asked who they are. I realized that they were represented at our gallery six years ago, and our gallery was the first to give artists the opportunity to sell at fair prices.

The artists, originally from Minnesota and Canada, studied together at Arizona High School and their acquaintance eventually led to fruitful collaboration and to the creation of works of art sold at thousands of dollars worldwide. They are invited to various art fairs, solo exhibitions around the world and success do not stop because they know how to do it well.

In today’s days, being an artist becomes a very challenging thing. The immediate world requires artists to reinvent themselves, surprise, be original and continue to be true to their inner truth. Today, the artists are represented at the Gordon Gallery, which is considered one of the oldest and most successful galleries in the city. FAILE’s new exhibition was a great interest to me and I will explain to you why…

First of all, it was great to meet the two, to know them, their story, the source of their inspirations and their creative process. The compositions themselves consist of collages and speaking of Mix Media then FAILE is completely setting; Painting, printing, fabric, metal and more.

What I liked most about their works, which are very contemporary but can still appeal to a more mature audience. The works give a fresh breeze to the summer with neon colors and the word WILD is printed and embroidered on a variety of different works – which makes me think this summer is really going to be wild…

FAILE exhibition will take place this month at the Gordon Gallery, located at 5 HaZerem Street, Florentine, too bad to miss out.




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