Thailand # 1: Krabi Province, Ao-Nang Beach, Thai authentic atmosphere

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I returned this week from Thailand and in the following posts I am going to tell you a little about my experience from my first trip to the East. I flew with three other good friends, a kind of bachelorette party without a wedding in the background. (Because who needs weddings at all?) Our first stop was in Krabi province, in a Town called Ao-Nang.


I really needed this vacation, the total disengagement from daily routine and the general pressure that gets me when I get too much into the routine. I can’t even find time to look into myself. To observe a situation from a much more present point. To understand that my life is a complex of temporary events that do not define me. Most of the dramatic events at the end pass but at that moment I surrender to the wrong thoughts.

When I was in Thailand, reading Akhert Tula’s book “New Earth “, the powerful nature and the combination of the locals’ joy of life, I managed to understand some things that helped me to be present on my trip and to understand that my life is not as bad as I think they are.

They are actually amazing…..

We arrived in Krabi after a long journey of taxis and flights. We arrived at a hotel called Bluesotl, a hotel five minutes’ walk from Ao Nang beach. The room was clean, inviting and comfortable. The Krabi area was very authentic, we got to see the real Thailand.

In principle, we chose to go to Krabi to escape the tourists and not to be in places where there is a load of people because we really wanted to break away and commune with nature. There were tourists in Krabi, but not excessively. I’m sure one of the reasons tourism was relatively low because it’s not the season of Thailand.

We have experienced a lot of monsoons, most people prefer to come to Thailand in the more touristy months, but there are also advantages to arrive at times of non-season because prices are much more affordable, much less crowded and the flight from Israel was almost empty so we really had a lot of luck.

In the early days we arrived, we went to foot pedicure at a place called ATTA RAK, we did an amazing massage at a place called Lets Relax, and we did shopping, ate and mostly walked.

The coastal strip of Ao Nang is very long, the cliffs in the background and the overall calm atmosphere give a liberating and pleasant feeling. We continued along the shore and onto a path with bamboo railing, it’s called the Monkey Rail, we continued down the path and reached a stunning private beach.

It was the Centara Grand Beach Resort & Villas Krabi – an amazing resort in a private beach, you can only get there by boat or by this rail we found. If you are planning to arrive to Ao Nang you should definitely check it out.

As we advanced into the trail we were exposed to the Krabi jungle, the noise inside the plants and the forest gave a sense of mystery-how mysterious nature was, how many living creatures we had no idea of. It was all intriguing and interesting.

After we left the hotel, we moved into the RBNB apartment, a stunning three-bedroom apartment, pool, kitchen, grill, everything was clean and inviting. We decided that in the two days in the apartment we would really feel local for a moment and decided not to go out to eat but to go to a local supermarket and cook our own meal.


The apartment was very far from the beach, at least 20 minutes’ drive, so we decided to rent a motorcycle and just flow with the village. It was the first time I had driven in a motorcycle and I think it’s really the most convenient transportation, especially for me – here in Tel Aviv with traffic jams.

On the first night in the apartment, we arrived at a local supermarket. I was a little shocked by what I saw – everything was very dirty, it was really the most different supermarket I ever been in. In The next day, we were already in the highest level supermarket and bought products from the finest materials there was. (It’s just a pity we were not hungry any more from all shopping and cooking so we just fell asleep after we finished cooking.)

In conclusion – I highly recommend going to Krabi for those who want to get to know Thailand closely, see the authentic side of it. O-Nang felt like a small town, reminded me a bit of the town I came from….


** Special Thanks for Lital Tal for this wonderful pictures**

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