Thailand # 2: Krabi Province, Phi Phi Islands – Tropical Paradise

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We reached the Phi Phi islands on a cruise after a whole week in the town of Ao Nang. A cruise of about two hours, we reached the central area of ​​the hotels, restaurants and shops of Phi Phi. We arrived at the Charlie Resort, which is connected to the Princess Hotel together. We started this paradise with problems, they put us into a room that looked like a cheap hostel. The hotel itself from the outside was stunning, the pools and location were perfect. The room was shocking, with a terrible smell. When we complained about the room, the hotel receptionists and managers treated us very decisively and we decided to cancel the reservation and go to another resort.

The beginning was unpleasant, but that too is part of life. I was a bit upset because I wanted to experience some of the central area, to go out and have fun. In the end we decided to go to Paradise Resort. Its location is a little more isolated from Charlie’s location but they has a very pleasant service and the rooms were much more comfortable and even cheaper.

Paradise’s private beach was dreamy. A much calmer atmosphere than the vibrant area. Although I was very upset at first, I was also angry with myself for being upset. I’m on vacation, why can’t I go with what’s going on? In the end I accepted the situation and then felt way better. Conclusion – Accepting what we feel, whether it is a bummer or fun, helps release the mood situation.

The day after the drama we found a very cute Taxi Boat driver who took us to Monkey Beach and Viking Beach (a private beach with ancient caves). One of the girls brought the monkeys one banana and then they started going crazy, running toward us, getting on the boat, pulling the girls in the strings of the swimsuits, and even one of us got a bite. We learned to be careful with monkeys and bananas.

After two perfect days of sunbathing at Paradise and amazing food we went to the most luxurious hotel we have been to at all times in Thailand – Holiday inn resort Koh Phi Phi. The resort was stunning, with a well-kept garden, private beach and courteous service. The rooms were a bit disappointing, their decor a bit outdated. The location of the hotel is very far from the city center – half an hour by sea.

One day I sailed to the city center. So if you’ve ever been told about the Phi Phi Island you can walk the whole island in twenty minutes – do not believe it. I was sailing for half an hour from one direction to another in the same island. That day I wandered around local bars, saw how the place was full of life and tourists. Everyone was young, with the energy of a trip, the atmosphere was very moving.

The Holiday Inn have a very relaxed atmosphere, it was the end of the island period so we really have already walked less and rested a lot. Except for the last day that me and Lital the talented photographer went to investigate what was next to our resort. A crazy monsoon caught us, a lot of thunder and lightning and we were already far away and we began to worry about how to get back. In the end we found a resort that is quite hidden from the rest. Through their reception we found a ride on a moped back to the hotel.

If you get to Thailand, Phi Phi must enter the list of places to see. It’s really one of the most impressive places I’ve been to. Crazy nature, white sand like dreams, turquoise water and a whole world underwater.



Next episode: Bangkok.


**speical Thanks to Lital Tal for the Photos**

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