Thailand # 3: Bangkok, an urban experience of shopping and art

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After almost two weeks of trekking in the islands and in the Thai jungle, we arrived in Bangkok for the last two nights we had on vacation. The journey began to end and we began to wander around the city, or rather, at Siam Square.

First of all, I want to start and say again, do not believe anything people tell you about different places in the world. I imagined Bangkok really busy and stinking. I have heard people say about the city how unpleasant and filthy it is. When I arrived in Bangkok, it felt like another big city in the world. That’s how big cities are, filled with air pollution, traffic, crowded places. I was surprised, for the better. I imagined the city much worse than it really was.

We arrived in the evening to our hotel, which was decorated in a minimalist manner, a hotel that provides a relaxed atmosphere, especially suitable for people who jump into the city for a day or two. The day we woke up in Bangkok, the first thing we did was go to the transparent balcony on the 76th floor of the KING POWER Tower, just an extraordinary experience.

To be above such a busy city, at a height of 314 meters, a transparent balcony. There’s an optical illusion here that makes you feel like you’re about to jump, but after a few seconds the fear is released. Or not. But, the adrenalin takes off to the sky.

After we finished with the Extreme Experience, I found a branch of Dean & Delloca in the same building. When I lived in the USA on Fridays, we would go there to bring groceries and food for the apartment. so we decided to stop there for Ice Cafe from the dreams!

My most important recommendation on Bangkok: The Center for Culture and Art! Leave the shopping at MBK, not really nice as it looks. I wasted too many hours there, only in my last two hours in the city did we enter the art center of Bangkok. There was everything I liked in one place – designer clothes, vintage clothes, bookshops, craft shops, stickers!!!! listen – this is a paradise for art lovers.

There was a whole line of ceramic designers, fashion designers, industrial designers and, in general, all the design arenas of Thailand. Various exhibitions, I could walk around for hours but really we had to get to the airport. Before we went, we had to drink quality Thai coffee. Inside this building there was a perfect cafe, a cafe that was lovingly made. Because coffee is also a kind of art…..

In general, the whole city has an atmosphere of art, and lots of street art. Hope this post has changed what you thought of Bangkok so far.



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