Happy Hour : TLV Cocktail Week 2019

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The best week of the year has arrived – TLV cocktail week! A whole week of the best bars in Tel Aviv that collaborate together and make us drinks out of the mixology theory.


Amen To That

Cocktails for me are art, their serving form, the alcohol that serves as the base for the drink. The natural juices that you use that make the whole vibe become tropical, Caribbean or just refreshing and sour.

What’s fun with cocktails is the secret bitters or syrup that you add at the end that makes your drink a much more upgraded experience! (Bitter is the secret of magic cocktails). There is many different secrets like egg whites and other interesting things.


So our week begins today (Sunday 23-06) and goes to end at the end of the week (Saturday 29-06). Throughout the week, the best bars are ready to meet you and get you a drink, prepared especially for the cocktail week, which you can purchase for only 25 NIS (if you bought a ticket for the cocktail week – link to purchase at the end of the post).


The founders of the festival are Omer Gazit Shalev and Alejandro Safdie, who come from the field of mixology. They are also the producers of the festival, and this year they decided to add Lielle Sand to the production team. I met Lielle during my film studies at Tel Aviv University. Lielle is a also food photographer.

Lielle’s photography is characterized by a lot of emotion, she is also responsible for the wonderful photos in this post. The photographs were taken at Honolulu Bar in Dizengoff Square. We toured bars, Honolulu, Concierge and Jasper Johns, we  went with Alejandro to check out what cocktails are going to be during the week.

The flavors were tropical and refreshing – recommend reserving a day of the week and choosing a bar from the list of bars participating in TLV cocktail week, there is really a wide selection of bars that are going to participate this week.

Find an evening,

choose a bar,

wear something beautiful

and go out and refresh with a cocktail!


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