T-House: An Urban & Tropical Tea Party

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Last week, I was invited to a tea party in a new place that opened in the city. It’s a cocktail bar called T-House. A cocktail bar where all cocktails contain tea. Tea extracts in a variety of rich and refreshing flavors. Oh-oh how much I love tea.

I came to celebrate the tea party with the best partner in town, Kesem. If there’s something Kesem likes, its cocktails and ceviche. Thanks to her, I started eating fish and discovering all the secrets of Asian cuisine. We arrived at Ibn Gabirol at about 7 PM. Getting to this part of the city reminds me of my beginning in the city four years ago, when I lived on Ibn Gvirol Street.

Mistakes of young people – who lives in Ibn Gabirol? The least interesting street in town. It has nice businesses, delis, designer shops (where I bought my first designer shoes). It’s a long street that crosses the whole old north. Today, after I know the city a little more I am sure that it is better to live on the south side of the city.

Go back to the place where the Thoma Bar was once and a restaurant called America that was kind of an all-you-can-eat buffet and see the cool design of the T-house was cool. A luxurious and urban design that combines the atmosphere of the cocktails with the cool vegetation that creates a jungle atmosphere on the city side.

The T-House menu consists of various Asian influences, influences from Japan; Thailand; Vietnam and India. I really enjoyed the way all the dishes were served. The menu is divided into several categories: Rolled; Raw; Green; Fried and Burning, and includes a combination of dishes of vegetables and herbs, fine fish and selected meats.

Tartar Salmon

Red Tuna 

Fried Fish Salad

Imperial Crispy Roll

Papaya Salad

Greens on the Grill

The Best Thing for sure

T-House is owned by a group of partners, each of whom also participates in other places in Tel Aviv, such as Dalida, Voodoo Bar and Taylor. I would recommend you to invite a few friends and come with them to your own tea party….

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