Towards Ein Kedem: Everything you wanted to know about the hot springs in the Dead Sea

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So it was a wintery week, right? The whole week it was raining and raining nonstop so me and my friends decided to actually go to the hot spring in the dead sea – it was our first time there!

So how do you get there?

It is quite simple – the Arrival from Tel Aviv through our capital Jerusalem. Then you need to continue on the road, on Route 90. When approaching the sign “Ein Kedem” you will see cars parked on the side of the road.

you can also simply write on WAZE “Hot Springs ein Kedem”.

So what? Is it really hot water?

Well, as a blogger (especially as someone who is not trying to advertise anything) I have to be honest – when we just got there we were a little bit disappointed because it was a very small spring just like a puddle.

But then we were looking for something else and we found a beautiful and natural Jacuzzi in the middle of the fucking Dead Sea.

How frozen is it to get out of the water?

Sulfur is very healthy for the skin, but it is not so healthy for the blood. In a long stay in the Jacuzzi you need a stooping session. When decided to get out of the water, there are some things that will help you – water bottles (could be warm) to take the sulfur off, new underwear and clothes to change.

Getting out of the water is not a simple experience but it is well worth it.

The experience is definitely an adventure, I would recommend a trip a little further to the sea – with friends, boy\girl friends, family and even camping should be a good idea.

I hope I have contributed to the idea of the next trip,

Hope you like the post….

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  1. Joanna Wróbel says

    Hey there, could you tell me more about the jacuzzi you found? How far it is and which side?

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