The Efendi Hotel – The prestigious palace in Acre

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Last weekend I traveled to an ancient city in Israel’s far north, Akko. Today it is marked as one of the most diverse places in the country where a variety of different people meet.

Close your eyes and imagine you are an effendi – a lord living in his palace in the mid 19th century. sitting at your large salon, windows from floor to ceiling, overlooks the ocean and you are being fed with delicacies cooked up by the city’s most famous chef. when you get tired you go to your cozy bedroom into a bed with thick cotton sheets and pillows to welcome you to the aristocratic good life.

But It is no dream. It is a night at the Efendi Hotel in the heart of the old city of Acre. It has a well-earned reputation as one of the top boutique hotels in the country and is adored by foreign tourists and Israelis as well.

The hotel owned by chef Uri Buri offering handfuls of amazing dishes. His boutique hotel, The Efendi, is one of the city’s greatest spots, used to be an Ottoman palace and now a 12-room retreat and that provides the experience of Akko itself – the astonishing Mediterranean Old Town.

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